Welcome to Pine Point

Welcome to Pine Point


The award-winning interactive documentary is now an iPad app.

Project Details

Imagine your hometown never changed. That no one ever grew old or moved on. Part book, part film, part family photo album, Welcome to Pine Point unearths a place frozen in time and discovers what happens when an entire community is erased from the map.

Created by the internationally renowned creative team, The Goggles, this poignant, award-winning interactive documentary tells the story of a mining town in Canada’s Northwest Territories and the generation of people who called it home from 1962-1988.

We contributed to the documentary’s early creative development helping The Goggles envision their story, which was originally conceived as a book, as an interactive experience. Welcome to Pine Point was initially developed as a flash-based documentary accessible through the NFB/Interactive portal. Later, with the its success around the world and changing audience technology, the NFB asked us to adapt the story as an iPad app in both English and French.

Welcome to Pine Point has been featured in films festivals and publications around the world. It has also received recognition from the Webby, FWA, Communication Arts, New York Festivals, Applied Arts, FITC, and Adobe Max Awards.

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