What Vancouver’s Talking About

What Vancouver’s talking about

CBC Vancouver / Rethink

A digital installation takes
trending topics to the street.

Project Details

CBC Vancouver connects citizens with news from across their city, and around the world. The journalists and producers who work there spend a lot of time in the community listening to resident’s stories and perspectives, and giving them voice.

In keeping with this mandate we worked with their producers and project partner, Rethink, to create What Vancouver’s Talking About, a large-scale outdoor digital display, installed on the bustling CBC Vancouver plaza, that gave passers-by a real-time glimpse into the issues being discussed by their fellow citizens.

To do this we defined local Twitter users by multiple regional data points, and used social media listening tools to determine leading keywords, trending topics, and the most-hotly discussed issues among them. We then visualized the data collected in a dynamic real-time animation, pushed to the outdoor installation.

Top keywords popped up in ‘chat bubbles’ on screen, surrounded by smaller subject-related bubbles. The more a topic was discussed, the larger it appeared on screen. The longer a topic drove the discussion online, the longer it lingered at the forefront of the experience.

What Vancouver’s Talking About even made an appearance on the CBC Vancouver News at 6.

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