Canada Wild Productions

An interactive story that puts users into one of the World’s most exciting cinematic art installations.

Project Details

Uninterrupted blends cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation, transforming the undersurface of Vancouver’s Cambie bridge into a wild river, and bringing the mystery of the pacific salmon run to the heart of the city. The stunning images are digitally mapped and projected on surfaces – creating a half-hour of captivating cinema and sound that reveals nature’s resilience and vulnerability.

We worked with the film’s producers to develop a fully responsive website that promotes the cinematic spectacle, provides educational environmental resources, and connects audiences with organizations fighting to protect BC’s wild salmon populations.

Abridged data visualization and film footage on location at the Cambie Street Bridge.

We also created The Uninterrupted Journey, an immersive interactive story that takes users on the salmon’s epic migration, and invites them to have their names featured in a dynamic animated data visualization that was projected each evening on the bridge.

The fully responsive interactive story is broken into four chapters reflecting the different stages of the salmon’s life, journey, and migration. It incorporates archival and contemporary photography, dynamic video backgrounds, information graphics, interactive quizzes, and other gamified elements.

A walk through of the Uninterrupted Journey interactive experience.

The creation of acclaimed documentary director, Nettie Wild, Uninterrupted is a signature project of Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations. The project has been featured in over 30 national and international media stories and was named one of the World’s best outdoor art installations by Wallpaper Magazine.

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