Truth & Lies

Truth & Lies


Uncovering fact from fiction in the last days of Osama bin Laden.

Project Details

In the months after US Navy SEALs shot and killed Osama bin Laden, news media had written the first draft of history. As part of their special coverage of the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, CBC Television’s premier investigative documentary program, The Fifth Estate, set out to tell the deeper story of human, political, and diplomatic intrigue that began in the years before 9/11 and ended in a bloody ambush in Pakistan, May 2, 2011.

We worked with producers at and The Fifth Estate to create, Truth & Lies – The Last Days of Osama bin Laden, an innovative interactive documentary that examines the hunt for Osama bin Laden, brings the raid on his Abbottabad compound vividly to life, and cuts through the contradictory accounts from all sides.

The interactive experience features spectacular event recreations, original footage from locations at the heart of the story, and provocative exclusive interviews with the people close to the operation including high-level members of the US intelligence community and world leaders. Exploratory interactive features and a dramatic soundtrack, immerses users in the action in the tension-filled months, days, and minutes leading up the al Qaeda leader’s death.

Truth & Lies was awarded an FWA Site of the Day, the Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross-Platform Project (Non-Fiction), and The Digi Award for Best in Cross-Platform (Factual). It was also a Webby Award Nominee in the News & Politics category.

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