The Great Salt Shakedown

The Great Salt Shakedown


Calculate your daily sodium intake and discover which foods contribute the most.

Project Details

CBC Television’s Marketplace is Canada’s consumer watchdog. Now in its 39th year on television, Marketplace continues to be the CBC’s highest-rated current affairs series. Whether it is a slick scam, misleading marketing claim, or dangerous product, Marketplace puts pressure on people in power to set things right.

In The Great Salt Shakedown, the program examined the diets of 80 Canadians, found shocking amounts of sodium hidden in everyday foods, and questioned how government lets the food industry get away with it.

We worked with and Marketplace producers to create an engaging interactive feature that helps viewers determine how much salt they consume and form effective strategies for reducing their intake.

The experience is simple – users make their way through a typical day, selecting the foods they regularly eat while consuming helpful facts about the health risks associated with sodium consumption and tips for cutting down. At the end of experience they are presented with a personal daily total amount and daily percentage consumed.

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