Smashball Trainer

Smashball Trainer

Volleyball Canada

Helping coach the next generation of champions.

Project Details

Volleyball Canada is a national association dedicated to improving performance and growing participation in volleyball across Canada. They work to support the country’s national teams, regional and international competitions, and world-class players, coaches, and referees.

In recent years they have developed programming around Smashball, a modified version of Volleyball designed for boys and girls between the ages of 6-12, aimed at getting them engaged and developing the skills they need to play Volleyball.

Denman worked with Volleyball Canada to develop the Smashball Trainer, a mobile app that gives coaches everything they need to teach this exciting game and provide kids with the motivation and skills to become the next generation of champions.

The user-friendly app is centred around a series of progressive lesson plans that make running training sessions safe, easy, and fun. Each lesson, based on proven teaching methodologies, delivers clear written and illustrated skills instruction and professionally produced videos featuring certified coaches and real kids. There is also and a wide range of warm-up, grouping, and game play activities, all aimed at keeping kids active throughout their training.

The app is built around inclusivity and includes tips for modifying the game to create balanced competition, combat boredom, and add intensity. Along with the training materials, the app provides set-up support and instruction on how to configure and modify existing courts and nets, an equipment check-list, the official rules of Smashball, and a guide to running Smashball competitions.

An abridged walkthrough of the Smashball Trainer App.

The Smashball Trainer was created using the React Native open-source mobile application framework, and is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

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