Ready For My Refugee Hearing

Ready For My Refugee Hearing

Kinbrace / UNHCR

A comprehensive, easy-to-use, interactive resource for vulnerable newcomers to Canada.

Project Details

Amid a recent upsurge in peoples displaced by war, oppression, and poverty, Canada has earned a global reputation as a beacon of hope. Along with progressive humanitarian policies related to the type and number of people it will accept, there is, however, also a stringent system in place to ensure only those with legitimate claims are allowed to stay.

Ready For My Refugee Hearing aims to empower every person seeking refugee protection in Canada to be as prepared as possible for their refugee hearing. It is an online resource that brings together two successful programs aimed at achieving this mission.

The Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide is an easy-to-understand 48-page educational resource that provides an understanding of the refugee hearing process and the essential legal issues pertaining to refugee protection. It was written and designed for refugee claimants and their service providers, is available in 11 languages, and is specifically adapted to the six regions in Canada where refugee determinations are made.

READY Tours are designed to educate, orient, and support claimants as they prepare for their refugee hearing. The idea is simple: welcome refugee claimants into the hearing rooms, provide them with good information, and allow for questions and answers. Tours are offered, free of charge, to claimants in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal.

Denman worked with stakeholders in the project to create a highly accessible, fully responsive website to deliver these resources to users across Canada and around the world. Our thoughtful approach to the site’s user experience resulted in functions which made it easy for users to download a version of the guide best suited to their language and location, and made signing up for a Ready Tour in their city quick and easy.

Ready For My Refugee Hearing is brought to you by Kinbrace Community Society and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), with support from immigrant services organizations and legal services societies across Canada.

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