Power to the People

Power to the People

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The Indigenous path to our post carbon future.

Project Details

Power to the People is a television documentary series exploring how indigenous people, values and wisdom are guiding the way to a sustainable, clean energy future. Each week host Melina Laboucan Massimo takes viewers to indigenous communities across Canada to explore the inspired clean energy initiatives they are developing, and see how they’re empowering themselves and their way of life.

Denman worked with the show’s creators to develop a companion digital platform at powertothepeople.tv that promotes the series through a collection of fun, educational interactive activities aimed at creating better informed energy consumers.

The goal of the project was to draw audiences to the website via SEO friendly content, provide them with activities and experiences which eclipse their expectations, and ultimately drive them to the television series and its broadcasts. The fully responsive website features smart, user-centred interactions, beautiful custom illustration, photography, and video, and can be toggled between English and Cree languages.

Arriving at the website via the homepage users are introduced to the show and its host and directed towards program information, including pathways to watch, series and episode trailers, host bio, broadcast times, and production credits. Series content was leveraged to the fullest in the website’s “Inspired Initiatives” section where each episode of the program is re-imagined and presented as a stand-alone online story.

Most of the website’s traffic comes via search to a variety of topical, engaging, activities we created. These include an “All-Canadian Energy Quiz” which tests user’s understanding of how energy is produced and consumed energy in Canada, and an “Energy Choices Poll” that gives users the opportunity to share their views on an array of important energy issues and see where they stand in relation to their fellow citizens.

Our favourite is a carbon calculator that is actually fun and easy to use. Online carbon calculators are synonymously clunky and complex. Our “Simple Carbon Calculator” gets users their carbon footprint in about five minutes, without complex inputs nobody has at their fingertips, providing them with a good general idea of the daily activities which contribute most to their emissions, and tangible suggestions for reducing their impact.

An abridged walkthrough of Powertothepeople.tv.

The project was funded by the Canadian Media Fund and created in partnership with The Indigenous Clean Energy Network, a national collaborative platform that advances clean energy economic development and the process of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

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