Power Struggle

Power Struggle

Discourse Media

A digital platform for delivering collaborative, solutions-oriented, journalism.

Project Details

Discourse Media produces high-quality in-depth journalism on complex issues. Their work ranges from print and digital editorial packages commissioned by major media outlets to large-scale, independently funded journalism projects.

We helped Discourse design and build a powerful digital publishing platform that elegantly showcases their content on every device, streamlines the technical production of stories, and delivers strong editorial and brand consistency across a broad array of investigations.

The platform debuted with Power Struggle, a global collaborative journalism project that explores the impacts of energy poverty on communities around the world and examines emerging solutions.

Journalists and editors use the platform’s flexible feature set to publish rich media stories that beautifully integrate their writing, photography, video and audio content, interactive and data-driven modules, footnotes and annotations, and social engagement.

At every touch-point the platform delivers thoughtful editorial design with an emphasis on clarity, usability, and accessibility.

The platform accommodates multiple stand-alone projects. Each individual project presents its unique subject matter and story content within a common framework. Shared design, architecture, and navigation reinforce the brand and provide familiar user experience across diverse investigations.

Power Struggle was produced by Discourse Media with contributions from journalists at The Independent, Al Jazeera, Thomson Reuters, the Inter Press Service, Republica English Daily, SciDev, The Zimbabwean, The Tyee, and TVOntario. It was presented at the Open Access Energy Summit, hosted by the Waterloo Global Science Initiative.

A second Discourse investigation, Towards Reconciliation, examining the Canadian media’s role in Indigenous issues, launched recently using the platform, with more slated for the near future.

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