Native Planet

Native Planet

ATPN / RealWorld Media

Exploring unique indigenous cultures and their fight to save Mother Earth.

Project Details

Native Planet is a television documentary series spotlighting indigenous cultures on the front lines of environmental conflict. Each week, acclaimed First Nations host Simon Baker, takes audiences around the world to meet charismatic Aboriginal leaders waging a passionate defence of their land, people, and way of life.

Denman worked with the show’s creators to develop a companion digital platform at that promoted the series and hosts a collection of in-depth interactive stories adapted from the adventurous, hard-hitting content produced for television.

Each story in the collection is driven by the written word, inspired by the best in long-form digital journalism, accompanied by highly produced documentary video, stunning photography, and engaging interactive elements.

While each interactive story takes users to a unique country and indigenous community, and explores different environmental, political, and cultural issues, the collection uses a strong singular written voice, a thoughtful visual language system, and consistent modes of interactivity in order to unify the experience, give it a cohesive feel, and create brand familiarity. Throughout, beautiful visual and editorial design puts an emphasis on clarity, usability, and accessibility.

An abridged walkthrough of the first episode, In Search of the ‘Mauri’.

The project began with strategies, concepts, and planning that were used to secure funding for the property via the Canadian Media Fund. leverages the show’s production assets and extends the important stories they are telling to new audiences outside their broadcast territory. A tight cross-platform production plan ensures media assets for the online stories are produced in conjunction with the series’ production, saving time and resources.

The web platform’s elegant, easy-to-use content management system allows show producers and editors to publish new rich media stories stories in house, often in tandem, with series production. The flexible feature set of this CMS lets them assemble their writing, photography, video and audio content and deliver a product with thoughtful editorial design with an emphasis on clarity, usability, and accessibility.

Native Planet is produced by RealWorld Media with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund and in association with APTN.

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