Nations at War

Nations at War

APTN / Chasing Pictures

Exploring the conflicts that shaped a continent.

Project Details

At the end of the 15th century the kingdoms of Europe and the Indigenous nations of the Americas collided. Through the centuries of conflict that followed cultural and political alliances formed and crumbled, empires rose and fell, and the map of North America was drawn and redrawn.

Nations at War is an exciting historical documentary television program that uses cinematic historical recreations, interviews with leading historians, and state-of-the-art CGI to present a gripping account of the wars, insurgencies, rebellions, and battles that shaped a continent.

Denman works with the show’s producers to develop digital strategies, extended digital experiences, and promotional campaigns aimed at growing and diversifying the show’s audience and impact.

Our work started with a creative development phase and detailed cross-platform production plan that ensured media assets for the online experiences and digital ads conceived were produced in conjunction with the program’s season 2 production, saving time and resources.

On the execution side, a beautifully designed, fully responsive website is the tent-pole tactic. teases the show, presents up-to-date program and broadcast information, and provides gateways to connect on social channels.

Its central content feature is a dynamic collection of interactive stories called Stone, Steel & Bone. Entering the collection a scrolling video menu offers a choice of historical subject matter from major conflicts like The Seven Years War and The American Revolutionary War to regional skirmishes like Pontiac’s War and The Northwest Resistance.

Selecting one of the eight stories produced for season 2, users are treated to a short, well-researched historical narrative that provides a good understanding of the conflict, its combatants, key alliances, notable commanders, pivotal battles, and key weaponry. The writing in each is complimented by re-creation and CGI video, archival photos and illustrations, and custom illustrations.

Each story is adapted from an episode of the television series and leverages much of the research, writing, and visual content produced for television.

Each story in the collection acts as a landing page for audiences targeted through SEO and sponsored social media posts. Users find what interests them – military history, a notable historical figure, or the location of a battlefield – in a richly crafted online experience. In turn, these consumers discover the attached television program, creating awareness, driving viewership, and raising interest in the property outside of its broadcast territory.

Denman will take over the program’s social media marketing in advance of the program’s Season 2 premiere in the fall of 2020 and we plan to generate some great engagement. The television program has already been green lit for a third season, and we plan on adding new stories to the collection as new episodes are produced.

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Nations at War is broadcast nationally in Canada on APTN and streams on APTN Lumi. It was produced with Chasing Pictures with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund and in association with APTN.

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