Legacies 150

Legacies 150

National Film Board of Canada

Interactive stories exploring legacy and inheritance, 150 years into our shared Canadian journey.

Project Details

A nation is a collection of stories. Where they overlap, they represent a shared experience. In their uniqueness, they underscore just how varied our individual lives are.

Legacies 150 brings together thirteen of these stories; interactive essays pondering what it means to be Canadian a century and a half into Confederation. These first-person stories explore where we come from, who we are, and what kind of nation we are becoming. They are personal reflections on our common journey—the legacies that we’ve inherited and the ones we aspire to leave for future generations.

Legacies 150 was a massive collaboration between NFB producers, the writers, filmmakers, and photographers who created the stories, and a diverse group of design and development teams, all working from different points across the country.

Denman was involved with four of the thirteen stories in the collection, which meant getting to work with a lot of talented creators and take on some diverse design challenges. We also worked with the project’s platform development team to optimize the entire collection’s mobile experience.

Each story is unique and features fresh, original design and modes of interactivity that reflect their unique characters, themes, and narrative thrust. At the same time a thoughtful design language applied across all stories makes the collection feel cohesive and part of a single larger story.

Here are the stories we worked on.

A century ago, Peter Wiebe’s Mennonite ancestors left Canada for Mexico. Now, his family is making the trip back.

From her family’s ancestral hunting camp, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine sends a message across time and generations.

David McKinstry and his husband didn’t plan to set a legal precedent. They just wanted kids to call their own.

Bonnie and Michelline Ammaaq live north of the Arctic Circle in Igloolik, but in 1986 they left and returned to the land.

An abridged walk through of Convictions, Portrait of a Family, The Cache and Tetepiskat.

Legacies 150 launched in commemoration of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary. It is distributed by the NFB in English and French, and through the multiple channels of its exclusive media partners at La Presse+ and Postmedia.

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