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International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories

Helping scientists and technicians foster ideas and solutions.

Project Details

ISBER is a global biobanking organization that creates opportunities for networking, education, and innovation. The society provides a community for harmonizing approaches to emerging challenges in biological and environmental repositories, as well as fostering new ideas and solutions.

Denman worked with ISBER’s executive team to rethink how their organization’s website could help their members to share knowledge and resources, access learning and networking opportunities, participate in the society’s committees and working groups, and register for global meetings and events.

After conducting in-depth discovery sessions, we began a comprehensive analysis of ISBER’s website. Its technology and interface were old, dated looking and non-responsive. The website had thousands of published pages and an information architecture that had grown unwieldy and disorganized over the years. Navigating the site was confusing and many key activities, such as buying or renewing association memberships, were drawn out and complicated.

We examined years of analytics and developed a user survey, both of which delivered a clear picture of what content was most valued (and which was not). These insights allowed us to scale-back the mass of academic content on offer, remove out-dated content, and shift topical content to ISBER’s social channels and event microsites. We also pulled their most popular content and features behind a member’s only paywall, adding value to ISBER memberships and driving new sign-ups and renewals.

Design was guided by clarity.

A refreshed and extended visual identity brought a new sophistication to the brand’s type, palette, photography, and iconography, while a strong visual system creates a consistent, highly organized experience that makes content easy to understand and contextualize.

Sections are thoughtfully grouped, categorized, and labelled and much consideration was given to simplifying processes such as membership purchases and renewals, sometimes reducing the steps needed to complete tasks by half.

Interface elements are clear, minimalistic and easy to use. The website’s navigation systems are easy to use and understand, adapt seamlessly when additional content is unlocked, and are flexible enough to grow into the future.

The website was developed using Bootstrap and YourMembership, an all-in-one association management system. It includes e-commerce functions, detailed member profiles, a robust forum built on Higher Logic (with improved single sign-in), extensive learning resources including live and archived webinars, and an events platform that includes a virtual exhibitors hall.

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