A harrowing true-crime story, users have to solve…before it’s too late.

Project Details

Kidnapped – The Search for Graham McMynn is a ground-breaking, multi-platform examination of the police investigation that led to the rescue of Graham McMynn, a university student from a wealthy Vancouver family, kidnapped at gunpoint on his way to school in 2006.

We worked with producers at and CBC Television’s The Fifth Estate to create an interactive story that let’s users play the role of investigator, gathering clues, pursuing suspects, and ultimately saving the victim in this real-life crime.

A detailed multi-platform production strategy guided the development of Kidnapped. Applying a game layer to the factual story of McMynn’s ordeal gave users a rich alternative perspective on a story that had made national headlines a decade earlier.

On television viewers of a special season finale of The Fifth Estate, interacted with Kidnapped, weighing in on the investigation using a mobile app, Facebook or Twitter. A real-time experience for viewers from coast to coast, the show was broadcast live in each of Canada’s five time zones with unique audience results.

Online an interactive simulation game of the police investigation was designed to put users into the action receiving phone tips and messages, studying evidence from a police station desk, and scouring intelligence for clues. The interactive documentary features dramatic recreations and provocative exclusive interviews with the people at the heart of the story including the victim’s father, Robert McMynn, and Vancouver Police Department Inspector Les Yeo, who lead the  investigation, the largest of its kind Canadian history.

Kidnapped was the recipient of the Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best Cross-platform Initiative, a Webby Award Honoree for Best Use of Interactive Video, and a Canadian Screen Award Finalist for Best Cross-Platform (Non-Fiction).

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