Kenny’s Jazz Pad

Kenny’s Jazz Pad

Documentary / Relevision

An Online Home for Legendary Canadian Jazz Singer Kenny Coleman.

Project Details

Cool Daddy is a 2019 documentary about legendary Canadian jazz singer, Kenny Coleman. The film looks back on his career – late nights playing in smokey clubs, hanging with fellow celebrities (and groupies) – while exploring the last days of his life. No longer the swaggering hip cat, he is an elderly man suffering from Parkinson’s disease, struggling to have a meaningful relationship with Chase, the son he rarely saw growing up, and who now wants to follow in his footsteps as a singer.

Denman worked with the film’s producers and broadcast partner to develop strategies, concepts, and planning for a digital extension that would promote the film and introduce its main characters and themes. Our idea was “Kenny’s Jazz Pad”, a virtual nightclub that captured the glamour of Las Vegas hotspots, such as The Flamingo, where Kenny performed in the early 1960s.

Sentimentally, it is Kenny’s son Chase Coleman who headlines his virtual club, beaming back through time and space to perform on the main stage. After watching his performance in the lounge users can look back on his father’s career via a series of films shown in the club’s theatre, and by exploring the club’s  “wall of fame.” The website also provides information on the film, its creators, and its broadcast times and festival screenings.

Production work included the creation of the richly illustrated period perfect scenes that make up the exterior and interior of the club. Chase Coleman’s performances were shot in a green screen studio, then treated with dynamic motion graphics to give him his holographic appearance, then coded into the website to perform for his father’s fans, figments of the past.

Kenny’s Jazz Pad leveraged the show’s production assets and extends the important story they are telling to audiences outside their broadcast territory. A tight cross-platform production plan ensured media assets for the online stories were produced in conjunction with the series’ production, saving time and resources.

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Kenny’s Jazz Pad was the recipient of Awwwards Honorable Mention and Mobile Excellence.

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