Hunting in Canada

Hunting In Canada

APTN / Mooswa Films

An interactive look at how, what, and why we hunt.

Project Details

Each week on APTN’s Moosemeat & Marmalade, hosts Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes create amazing dishes that reflect their diverse cultural and culinary traditions. They are both passionate cooks with deep love of food and a keen interest in where it comes from. Both men also grew up hunting and the show often follows them into the field to procure 100% natural food.

Extending these themes, Denman worked with the show’s producers to create an online experience that explored the history and changing nature of Hunting in Canada.

The experience looks at three distinct chapters in this history. The first looks back to pre-colonial times when indigenous people hunted for sustenance, the second to the colonial fur trade and hunting for commerce, and finally a chapter on the modern practice of sport hunting.

The story is audio driven, with each chapter’s narrative voiced by the show’s hosts. As they speak an array of thoughtfully edited archival images are presented which illustrate the events and principles discussed. Users flip through these images at their own pace. At the end of each chapter users are invited to explore “related field guide” entries.

The second major aspect of the project is the Field Guide, a beautifully crafted interactive reference designed to help the reader identify and learn about common prey, as well as popular historical and contemporary hunting tools and hunting strategies.

Each entry in the Field Guide features well-researched written content, and custom illustrations, habitat maps, and small interactive modules.

The project began with strategies, concepts, and planning that were used to secure funding for the property via the Canadian Media Fund.

Hunting In Canada leverages the show’s production assets and extends the important stories they are telling to new audiences outside their broadcast territory. A tight cross-platform production plan ensured media assets for the online experience were produced in conjunction with the series’ production, saving time and resources.

A walk through of the Hunting in Canada website

Hunting in Canada was produced with Mooswa Films with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund and in association with APTN.

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