Ghosts In Our Machine

Ghosts In Our Machine


Shining a light on the complex interplay between animal rights and modern society.

Project Details

The Ghosts In Our Machine is a haunting story told through the voice of animal activist, Jo-Anne McArthur. An award-winning photographer, she has traveled the world for over a decade documenting the mistreatment and suffering of animals. Through her lens we are intimately connected to an array of animal characters, taken covertly into factory farms, zoos, and aquariums, and visit a sanctuary for rescued animals. A diverse cast of voices contributes to the moral question posed: Are animals property, to be owned and used, or sentient beings deserving of rights?

Working with producers at Ghosts Media and digital directors, The Goggles, we created a thoughtful interactive companion to the award-winning full-length feature. We started with a solid multi-platform strategy and production plan that went into a winning Bell Fund application. With funds secured we helped refine and map out the story, defined the media assets needed, produced the UX design and information architecture, and contributed design direction. All of the planning and creative came together in a complex technical development phase that brought the story to life.

The film and interactive documentary premiered together at The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto, where it was named a Top Ten Audience Favourite. The Ghosts In Our Machine has since gone on to theatrical, festival, and broadcast screenings around the world, and was named a Webby Award Honoree for Best Use of Interactive Video.

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