Food For Thought

Food for Thought

ATPN / Mooswa Films

An in-depth look at where our food comes from
and how to make it better.

Project Details

Each week on APTN’s Moosemeat & Marmalade, hosts Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes create amazing dishes that reflect their diverse cultures and culinary traditions. Their deep love of food and the people they feed inspired them to explore where their ingredients come from and how they are produced.

To help them in this aim, the show’s producers approached Denman to create an experience that tapped into their hosts knowledge and interest in sustainable food practices.

The result was Food for Thought, an in-depth exploration of how food is produced in Canada and how to make it better.

A fully responsive website presents four “deep-dive” interactive stories, each examining an essential food source from every part of the country. Dan Hayes travels to the west coast to look at Salmon fishing and aquaculture, and to Eastern Canada to explore the dairy industry, while Art Napoleon visits the central prairies to learn about grain production, and to Canada’s far-north to report on wild and traditional foods.

Each story combines a wide range of media. Lush documentary video features our hosts as they visit farms, ranches, research centres, and hunting grounds across the country, and meet farmers and scientists at the forefront of food production.

An abridged walkthrough.

Informative editorial writing combined with clear, purposeful typography, draws the user into the narrative and is complimented by gorgeous photography, thoughtfully designed and animated information graphics, and engaging sidebar content.

User interactions are playful with parallax motion and overlays, scrolling zooms and fades, and animated elements. A highly functional navigation panel allows users to quickly jump between the four stories and to various sections within each.

The documentary video, layered into each story in the experience, is also presented as a stand-alone web series available on a custom Vimeo channel.

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