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Foncie’s Corner

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Generating crowd-sourced content that brings social history into focus.

Project Details

From 1934 to 1979, street photographer Foncie Pulice set up his camera on Vancouver city sidewalks and snapped candid shots of people strolling by. They’d buy a ticket, he’d mail them a print. Over a 45-year span, he took millions of photos, capturing moments in time and the history of a city.

While thousands survived in albums and shoe boxes around BC and the world, no central archive of these images existed. The photographer kept no negatives and the prints were dispersed. Until now.

Working with documentary filmmaker Melanie Wood, Stranger Productions, and Knowledge Network we created a website that collected thousands of these photographs, along with associated stories and information, and gave them a public home online.

Users with photos can upload them to the website, attaching an array of date and subject matter related data to them. On the front end the photos are presented by decade, each with it’s own historic feel and soundscape. The visitor can sort them into a number of filterable categories.

Users with a “Foncie photo” upload them to the website, attaching anecdotal stories and an array of date and subject related data. On the front end the photos are presented by decade, each with it‚Äôs own historic visual feel and soundscape and can be¬†sorted and filtered by a number of categories.

A goal with Foncie’s Corner was to create an intersection in time; a place where people could explore, share, and help preserve a piece of the social history of British Columbia. Another was to crowd-source the photographic and anecdotal story content Melanie Wood needed to produce a filmed documentary on Foncie Pulice.

We produced title screens, credits, and closing endplates for the documentary, “Foncie’s Photos”, and an intro sequence for the short film series “A Foncie Moment”.

In the end this unique cross-media social history project culminated in a unique online experience, in the creation of a feature documentary and short film series broadcast on Knowledge, and as a physical exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver.

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