Face The Music

Face The Music


An interactive scrapbook chronicles an artist’s dream of making it big.

Project Details

Face the Music is a multi-season TV and Web documentary series that explores the resilience, creative spirit, passion and ambitions of acclaimed, young Aboriginal artists.

Season one documents the personal, musical and creative journey of acclaimed Haida/Cree singer, songwriter and recording artist, Kristi Lane Sinclair. Over six evolving half-hour episodes, Face the Music spends a year observing Kristi’s real life effort to fund, write and record a new CD and define her place in the music business.

We worked with the show’s producers to develop the series’ digital strategy and secure funding through APTN, the Canadian Media Fund, and the Bell Fund. With our plans in place we designed and developed a responsive website that promotes the show, in English and Cree, provides in-season updates, and tells the story of the show’s star – from her perspective.

“Kristi’s Journal” is a beautifully designed interactive scrapbook that chronicles her story through a year of intimately written entries, photographs and videos, and collected artifacts. Along the way we see her seek the guidance and inspiration of renowned musicians and industry pros, learn the ins-and-outs of the business, land gigs, and collaborate with big name artists. Things don’t always work out, her ego gets bruised and insecurities beat her up, but it’s all part of trying to make it big.

Additionally we produced the program’s dynamic visual identity and a motion graphics package that included all on-screen call-outs, bumpers, end credits, and portions of the opening sequence.

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