Cool or Tool?

Cool or Tool?

British Columbia Construction Association

Creating safer, more inclusive worksites.

Project Details

British Columbia has a fast-growing economy and skilled tradespeople are in high demand. As the provincial voice of BC’s construction industry, BCCA knows that finding and retaining these workers is key to their member’s success.

Their Builders Code initiative is a baseline code of conduct for workers. It is founded on the belief that shaping positive worksite behaviour and a company culture that respects equity, diversity and inclusion not only leads to better productivity and safety outcomes, but helps to attract and keep the best workers.

As part of this initiative BCCA invited Denman to develop a digital product that would motivate construction crew members to maintain a healthy worksite culture and treat each other with more respect, dignity, and consideration for their wellbeing.

Our solution was Cool or Tool?, a mobile app that delivers professionally developed curriculum-based learning through fun, light-hearted game play. Its 20 real-life workplace scenarios depict model behavior or actions that compromise safety and productivity. Players judge the action and simply identify if the behaviour exhibited is “cool” or if the character at the center of the scene is acting like a “tool.”

The scenarios feature a playful cast of illustrated characters based on the physical tools construction workers use everyday. These characters are age and gender-neutral, and depending on the scenario, can be helpful and polite or rude and obnoxious.

User interaction is simple. Players receive a notification twice daily telling them that it is time to play. Opening the app they are invited to play, then presented with one of the animated scenarios, and asked to make a choice. Right or wrong they get a brief explanation of why the behaviour displayed is positive or negative, and a description of the impacts it can have on a worksite. A personal scoreboard lets them know how they are doing cumulatively and if they have missed scenarios they need to play.

The app is public, but most users are invited by their employer. Companies signing up for an account receive a unique code they pass on to their employees allowing them to join a “crew specific” game. With an employer account, supervisors have access to a web-based dashboard application, where they can see the progress and success of their employees engaged in the game.

Cool or Tool? aims to create a construction industry that works for everyone by helping construction industry employees understand what is acceptable worksite behaviour, and providing them with a daily reminder that no one deserves to be uncomfortable or stressed at work out due to the actions of their colleagues.

An abridged walkthrough of the Cool or Tool? App.

Cool or Tool? was developed in conjunction with the Builders Code, an initiative of the Construction Workforce Equity Project.

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