Collective Voice

Collective Voice

Documentary Organization of Canada

Creating a space where documentaries can thrive.

Project Details

The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is the collective voice of Canada’s independent documentary creators. The organization represents the interests of Canada’s doc filmmakers, serving over 1000 members across six chapters from coast to coast.

DOC’s National Office leads research and advocacy work that strengthens the ecosystem for documentary production while DOC chapters provide community support, professional development and networking opportunities. They work together, each day, to create conditions that will ensure that Canadian documentaries – and their creators – thrive.

Denman worked with DOC’s executive team and regional boards to rethink how their website could help their members connect, find production support and crew, register for professional workshops and events, and find distribution and audience for their films.

We conducted an in-depth discovery phase, which included a comprehensive analysis of their previous website, an examination of their analytics, and the development of user surveys. This work delivered a clear picture of their most popular content and features, and a roadmap for the types of content and features that would need to be developed to best serve the organization’s and their member’s needs.

From these insights we created an entirely new information architecture which included putting high-value content and features behind a member’s only paywall, adding value to DOC memberships and driving new sign-ups and renewals.

Modern Design Sensibilities.

A new responsive user interface design brings together bold colour fields, elegant typework, and crisp realistic photography to create a visual impact that is right on brand. User touch points such as buttons, form fields, and other inputs were designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. A strong over-arching visual system creates a consistent, highly organized experience that makes content easy to understand and contextualize.

Our technology plan gave DOC the ability to offer multi-tiered e-commerce membership purchases and collect charitable donations. The plan also introduced personal member accounts making renewals and event sign-up easy, and giving them access to online resources such as job boards, discussions, and directories.

A robust yet easy to use content management system allows DOC staff and representatives from across the country to add and update organizational content, research and advocacy reports, events, and just about everything else.

An abridged walkthrough of

As Covid-19 disrupted film production around the world, we worked with DOC to develop and create an in-depth “best practices guide” for documentary production during the pandemic. This resource kept documentary productions in Canada up and running while keeping DOC members and their crews safe and healthy.

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