Canadians in Haiti

Canadians in Haiti


Remembering those taken in a devastating earthquake.

Project Details

In early 2010 an earthquake devastated Haiti and touched people from around the world. Among the dead and missing were 58 Canadians living and working in the country. We worked with CBC journalists and producers to create, Canadians in Haiti, an interactive feature that tells their story. It celebrates the contributions these people made to society through the voices of their families and friends. Visitors to the website are also invited to share their own thoughts, memories, and tributes to the victims.

Cumulatively, the profiles add up to an overview of the deep and complex relationship between Canada and Haiti. Canada is the sum of its parts¬†‚ÄĒ our long-standing ties to Haiti are part of who we are.

Stories from the tribute were featured during five nights of special coverage on CBC News, The National. The work received the Radio-Television News Directors Association Award for Best Use of New Media, was a Webby Award Nominee for Best News & Politics Series.

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