The Backstory of Art & Dan

The Backstory of Art & Dan

ATPN / Mooswa Films

A playful interactive look at how two very different men came together on one hit television show.

Project Details

Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes are the hosts of APTN’s food and lifestyle series, Moosemeat & Marmalade. One is a blue-blooded, classically trained chef from London, the other a rough and tumble indigenous bush cook from the Moberly Lake reservation in Northern Canada. Each week they explore culture, culinary traditions, and really good food together. And while they both share a deep passion for hunting, fishing, and food, their radically different backgrounds mean they don’t always see eye to eye.

Their relationship is a big part of the program’s success. Audience analysis showed that as much as people loved the adventures they got up to, and the recipes they shared each week, it was the tension between the men and their unlikely camaraderie that really resonated.

Looking to exploit this insight, APTN, and the show’s producers, Mooswa Films, approached Denman about creating a story that furthered the connection between the audience and their hosts.

The result was The Backstory of Art & Dan, a side-by-side biography of each man’s life, told through their own unique heartfelt anecdotes, family photos and videos, and other artifacts of a life lived.

The fully responsive interactive website is broken down into chapters reflecting different stages in a life – early childhood, school days, etc.. As the user scrolls or swipes their way through each chapter the story jumps back and forth between key events in each man’s life. Custom avatars of the hosts animate on screen whenever the voice of the story changes, in order to keep the user in tune with the individual story they are in.

An abridged walk through of the interactive experience.

The design of the story is organic, like a scrapbook of memories or an old family photo album. User interactions are playful and engaging with lots of parallax motion and overlays, scrolling zooms and fades, and animated elements.

The result is a web experience that feels both sentimental and contemporary. And an authentic story that starts at two very different points on either side of the world, that takes the user towards an unlikely convergence inspired by a love of food.

Moosemeat & Marmalade and The Backstory of Art & Dan is produced by Mooswa Films Inc. with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund and in association with APTN and the Bell Fund.

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