Addiction. The Next Step

Addiction. The Next Step


An interactive Crisis Toolkit for families struggling with drug use and addiction.

Project Details

Addiction. The Next Step, transforms how we think about addiction. It’s a media rich, interactive toolkit that delivers world-class therapy and support directly to families struggling with substance use disorder.

The project was produced in conjunction with the documentary, Wasted: An Alcoholic Therapist’s Fight for Recovery in a Flawed Treatment System, which examines the enormous changes happening in addiction research and treatment, and details therapist Mike Pond’s alcoholism and recovery using compassionate, evidence-based methods created by the Center for Motivation and Change.

The toolkit invites users in, details the program, and asks them to seek support as either a Parent or a Partner. In each role they are presented with a series of 11 scenarios, and guided by counsellors through the steps of self-care, communicating, understanding, and taking action.

Within each step users access expert and session videos, take self-assessment quizzes, and write personalized letters to themselves or someone they care about. The result is highly tailored and accessible therapy providing help and support to those who need it 24/7.

The website is built on thoughtful user-centred design principles. Its responsive interface design is accessible and easy to use, while feeling sophisticated, on every device. Professionally produced video lends credibility while gorgeous photography brings warmth and empathy to the experience.

Addiction. The Next Step was produced in conjunction with Bountiful Films, CBC Television’s, The Nature of Things, with the participation of the Telus Fund.

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