A New Website for Real World Media

One of our favourite clients is Real World Media. They’re a television production company based in Vancouver, BC. They make wonderful television that takes audiences around the world to explore cultural identity, social justice, human rights, and the future of the planet. As their digital partners we help them tell their deeply felt and engaging stories, leverage their IP, and reach new audiences online. We recently collaborated on Face The Music, a six-part “rockumentary” series chronicling the music career of indigenous singer, Kristi Lane Sinclair, and are currently developing a digital strategy and creative concepts for season 2 of their successful documentary series, Native Planet.

In the interim we designed and built them a new small business website that promotes their company, television catalogue, and new shows in development. It’s just a little guy, but it has some nice touches, and we are proud to share it with you.

While much of our work is focused on deeper digital storytelling experiences or platforms, we do like to help businesses and institutions with their more pragmatic digital marketing and communications needs. Successful strategies, clever campaigns, and cool collateral are important ingredients in reaching your customers and building a sustainable business. We’re good at all three and enjoy employing our talents to that end. Especially when it’s for a client we like and admire so much as Real World Media.