VR / AR Headset Showdown

This week Steve and I wheeled into the NFB Digital Studios in Vancouver. We were there to talk projects and check out some of the amazing work they are doing in the VR/AR space.

Leading a lot of the technical development on this work is Vincent McCurley. He is a creative technologist at the NFB and one of the best developers anywhere. He’s also a real sweetheart, and a friend we’ve been lucky enough to know for a long time.

He was good enough to set us up with all the major VR and AR headsets including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft HoloLens. We then spent the afternoon immersed in a wide range of experiences.

We got a chance to see the incredible potential in each, and to experience their relative strengths and weaknesses in different creative and technical applications.

Needless to say our minds continue to be blown by what is on the horizon.

Most of the film and television companies we work with are chomping at the bit to try their hand at telling stories and creating experiences for these immersive new technologies. We hope to be their with them providing strategic, design, and technical expertise. The future can’t come soon enough.

– Sean